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The Untold Truth Of CinnamonToastKen

Most streamers and YouTubers stick to a strict plan. Once they create content of a specific genre, such as skits or "Let's Play" videos, many creators end up sticking to that type. Some, however, try to change with the times. PewDiePie is one such YouTuber, and CinnamonToastKen is another.

CinnamonToastKen started his career playing co-op games with other YouTubers, and while he doesn't do Let's Play videos very much anymore, he is deep in the co-op YouTubing scene. He also often teams up with PewDiePie or BuffPro to create new reaction videos. Likewise, CinnamonToastKen is a common sight in collab videos posted to PewDiePie's channel. But aside from CinnamonToastKen's penchant for cooperation and change in content, what do we know about him? 

Well, he's married with kids, lives in Australia, likes cinnamon toast (probably), and... that's about the extent of the average viewer's knowledge. But, although CinnamonToastKen typically likes to keep his history to himself, he has provided several nuggets of info that paint a fascinating picture.

All Roads Lead Back to PewDiePie and Amnesia

As previously stated, CinnamonToastKen is a fairly common face to see popping up in PewDiePie's videos and vice versa. They clearly have a good friendship going, but that doesn't even scratch the surface of their relationship. In fact, if it hadn't been for PewDiePie, there's a chance nobody would know the name CinnamonToastKen.

Like many fledgling YouTubers back in the day, CinnamonToastKen began his Let's Play career in March of 2011 with the horror game "Amnesia: The Dark Descent." However, he didn't acquire true fame until November, when PewDiePie pulled Ken's name out of a hat for a shoutout contest. This fateful roll of the dice won CinnamonToastKen a ton of new fans, which solidified his spot in the hall of famous YouTubers and also kickstarted a friendship between the two content creators.

Not only did CinnamonToastKen and PewDiePie begin showing up in each other's videos, but in 2014, they started teaming up to co-host the "BroKen Podcast." Through this healthy working relationship, CinnamonToastKen became friends with some of PewDiePie's other collaborators, such as Cryaotic. However, PewDiePie wasn't CinnamonToastKen's only point of contact for YouTube stars. Ken also contacted and collaborated with streamers such as Markiplier and JackSepticEye, and even once appeared on one of Totalbiscuit's many podcasts alongside JesseCox and Dodger.

No Swearing Aloud

Not only does every Let's Player tend to have a preferred genre, they also tend to react in different ways. Admittedly, when faced with jumpscares in horror games, most streamers default to screaming and stringing together curses, but CinnamonToastKen was not one of them.

When he started streaming, CinnamonToastKen didn't swear, but not because he doesn't like doing so. In a 2015 video, CinnamonToastKen admitted that he refused to curse for his audience. He held back for the sake of families he knew watched his content, as well as any religious people he thought would be upset by a sailor's mouth. CinnamonToastKen also censored himself so he could avoid comparisons to similar content creators. That plan didn't work out as intended.

As it turns out, not being himself on camera and avoiding swears would eventually take its toll on CinnamonToastKen. He grew anxious, feeling that his self-imposed filter prevented him from enjoying YouTube as much as he thought he should. And so, during the aforementioned 2015 video, CinnamonToastKen finally decided to be a little more lax and not censor himself, at least while recording. He promised to edit out any curses in post-production, but he felt that was the best course of action for his sanity.

How Much Is That Doggy in the Driveway

CinnamonToastKen has lots of dogs. One could say he has too many — if one believed there were such a thing (which there isn't). CinnamonToastKen's most popular pup might be Biscuit, who quite literally showed up at his doorstep one day.

Longtime fans might remember that, CinnamonToastKen posted his first video of Biscuit in 2018. Well, the dog who would eventually be named Biscuit, anyway. She had just wandered onto CinnamonToastKen's property, and while Ken initially didn't know what to tell his wife, Mary "SuperMaryFace" Thomson, eventually he decided at the very least to give the dog a veterinary checkup — and post a video about his first meeting with the puppy while he was at it.

Despite Biscuit's happy demeanor, she had obviously been abandoned. She had mange and what appeared to be a bite on her ear. Thankfully, Biscuit got the treatment she needed and deserved, as indicated by an update video. While some fans wanted to take the dog in, CinnamonToastKen and SuperMaryFace didn't feel like leaving Biscuit in the hands of a stranger. And since none of their friends or family wanted the dog, they decided to keep her. Even though Ken and Mary already had plenty of dogs before Biscuit, they eventually got her yet another puppy pal. And as we said earlier, you can never have too many dogs.

Way Too Many Pets to Count

Remember when we said that there's no such thing as too many dogs? While that remains true, it is potentially possible to have too many pets.

CinnamonToastKen posted countless vlogs about his growing family and their pets, but audiences rarely saw the true extent of his pet collection. Most fans knew about CinnamonToastKen's four dogs, but in at least one video, he also showed off countless ball pythons, his skink named Lunchbox, and his pet spider. That's a lot of multi-legged friends (and some no-legged friends) to feed and care for, especially when moving to a new place like Australia. Or is it?

Despite loving their pets, CinnamonToastKen and SuperMaryFace downsized their house considerably, both out of necessity and choice. According to fans on Reddit, all of their dogs had to be re-homed to comply with Australia's quarantine laws. This might seem harsh given how long they had those pets, but in the spirit of fairness, CinnamonToastKen and family had to spend two weeks in a hotel room. If you think that is a nightmare with several young kids, imagine also doing it with four dogs that can't go outside to exercise and don't know how to use a toilet. As for the non-canine pets, according to his followers (again on Reddit), the snakes have since died. CinnamonToastKen and SuperMaryFace might still have the spider and skink, but viewers are unclear on that point.

Dealing with Depression

It's no secret many people have depression, but many people hide it so well. Video games are an excellent outlet, but while you're at it, why not record your gaming sessions, post them on YouTube, and then interact with viewers? Sounds like a great way to build a community that can help you deal with depression. Not always.

Several years ago, CinnamonToastKen posted a video in which he admitted he'd been dealing with depression for quite a while. According to Ken, his problems started long before YouTube. His depression was so bad that he dropped out of college before started streaming. In an ideal world, that would have been the end of his depression, but reality rarely plays fair. CinnamonToastKen's depression only got worse. As time went on, his energy steadily decreased, and he put less effort into editing. CinnamonToastKen didn't help himself by constantly (and negatively) comparing himself to fellow YouTubers and convincing himself that he was only a success due to PewDiePie's shoutout.

Thankfully, CinnamonToastKen's story wasn't all doom and gloom. Even though he rarely left his house and didn't like LA, he eventually garnered a strong support system to help him cope. CinnamonToastKen's menagerie of dogs obviously helped, and he also relied on SuperMaryFace for the editing of his videos, because he only truly enjoyed the act of playing and recording. Moreover, even though many YouTubers suggest interacting with viewers, CinnamonToastKen primarily ignored his comments section because he felt all the supportive responses were drowned out by a sea of negativity. 

Thankfully, he's found ways of dealing with his depression, and CinnamonToastKen continues to put his best foot forward for his channel and his family.

Four and Counting

When CinnamonToastKen isn't posting reaction videos, he's showing off his growing family. Aside from his wife SuperMaryFace, his children Layla and Ryan commonly cameo on his channel, and fans can expect a more new additions soon. When CinnamonToastKen announced he was moving to Australia, he also snuck in a new baby reveal, and in September 2021, baby David was born. But that wasn't enough for Ken and Mary. Fast forward to July 2022: Ken had barely enough time to get settled in to life in Australia when he excitedly announced a fourth kid was on the way.

Since then, Ken has fired back at some of the responses to his announcement, tweeting, "It's odd that every time I've announced having more kids there is always a small group of people who come out of the shadows telling me how hard it is or how they'd never have kids." Fans still don't know when the baby is expected or if it will be the couple's last one. However, it seems like Ken is always glad to add to his happy family.

How He Met His Wife

Pretty much every married couple has a good story of how they met their significant other. Since we live in the digital age, more and more people are meeting over the internet, CinnamonToastKen included. Still, that doesn't make his initial encounter with SuperMaryFace any less significant.

According to CinnamonToastKen, he first met SuperMaryFace on the internet. This wasn't through a dating website or anything, but rather a far more organic interaction. Basically, Ken had recently posted a video "celebrating" his birthday. He was kinda down in the dumps and didn't feel like there was much worth celebrating, so to cheer him up, SuperMaryFace visited CinnamonToastKen's Facebook fan page and told him, well, to cheer up. CinnamonToastKen's response? "Creep on her Facebook page" (his words, not ours). CinnamonToastKen started messaging her, and the two hit it off. After some back and forth, SuperMaryFace decided to visit CinnamonToastKen in person for a few weeks. Those weeks turned into years as the pair got married.

Although CinnamonToastKen and SuperMaryFace's initial meeting started off like pretty much any other internet conversation, several years and children later, it has blossomed into something much more. Admittedly, this is the exception to the general rule that you should be wary of people you meet online, but it still demonstrates love can come from anywhere.