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Powerwash Simulator: The Best Way To Make Money Fast

2022 was full of simulation game announcements. If you thought life simulation games like "The Sims," business simulation games like "Zoo Tycoon," or flying sims like "Microsoft Flight Simulator" were the only kind of simulation games, developers sought to prove you wrong. In 2022, games like "Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator" and "Alaskan Truck Simulator" were announced, taking simulation games to an entirely new level of realism. "Powerwash Simulator" was even released in 2022, and people absolutely loved the game, despite its mundane premise


Square Enix published the game for PC and Xbox consoles after a period of Early Access. Back in the Early Access days, players were struggling to earn money. The game is pretty realistic, even giving you a way to change gloves, and one of the things you have to do is purchase bigger and better pressure washers. To buy equipment, you've got to make money, and it's luckily much easier to do now that the game has been fully released.

Special levels can generate income quick

When a Reddit user shared the pain of losing their in-game money after someone bought cosmetics on their account, user boswell_rd offered up some advice. The special levels can be a great way to quickly earn money, and it's even better if you're able to play co-op. Luckily, the Powerwash Simulator subreddit is full of people wanting to help others out. The game is satisfying to play, as YouTuber star Markiplier pointed out, so it's not uncommon for people to offer their help just to play the game and do a good deed at the same time.


On a different thread that had tips for beginners, user flextaperabbit explained that you can plan ahead for how much money you'll need by watching out for when new equipment unlocks. This can be done by checking out the total amount of stars you have, and it's a pretty handy way to make sure you're managing your money well.