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The Nintendo GameCube Game That Takes The Longest To Beat

Despite the fact that the GameCube was one of Nintendo's worst-selling consoles, it offers a lot of nostalgia and a library of iconic games (via Nintendo). While known for its purple color, the GameCube almost looked very different, as American marketers thought the shade was too feminine. The GameCube came after the Nintendo 64, and it was a huge leap in technology for Nintendo. 


According to YouTuber Scott the Woz, the GameCube's discs could hold much more data than the cartridges of previous Nintendo consoles, which allowed for bigger games (despite the complications caused by the fact that Nintendo decided to create its own disc size). This led to releases that people could sink an incredible amount of time into. There were multiple titles that took players longer than 100 hours to complete. As a result, the longest GameCube game may not be what you think it is.

Animal Crossing is the longest GameCube game by far

You might think that the best-selling GameCube game "Super Smash Bros. Melee" would be the longest on the console – however, it only takes about 68 hours on average to complete. That's quite a long time, but it's nowhere near the average playtime of 200 hours that the original "Animal Crossing" boasts (via HowLongToBeat).


To be fair, "Animal Crossing" forces players to play slower by operating in real-world time. In order to find items to collect, make money efficiently, and befriend villagers, players have to play day-by-day. This definitely contributes to the title's length.

In second place is "The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition." However, this is actually a collection that includes all the "Zelda" entries from before the GameCube's launch, which leads to it having an average playtime of 125 hours. Yeah, it takes several games to even come close to the lengthy playtime of "Animal Crossing."