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Ice Poseidon Shocks Community With Streaming Return Announcement

Ice Poseidon has quite the reputation in the world of streaming, especially for someone who hasn't been active in years. He's been on various sides of some pretty challenging situations. For starters, extreme viewer harassment left the streamer with PTSD. On top of that, he was permanently banned from Twitch in 2017 due to an airplane swatting incident that received national media attention. He since moved to YouTube, but he hasn't been active since 2021.


Those aren't all the tragic details that have plagued Ice Poseidon's time in and out of the spotlight. He's also faced unstable housing, strained relationships, and severe bullying. Though no one deserves to endure these things, it should also be noted that Ice Poseidon has been the subject of some past controversies himself. He months to admit his guilt over his Twitch IRL streams, which involved him purposely irritating strangers in public for content. There's also his history with high-profile crypto schemes, which didn't help his reputation.

All that being said, it's clear that Ice Poseidon has a storied past, and now he's looking to get going on his next project for the future. On Aug. 17, Ice Poseidon issued a surprise update announcing his upcoming return to the world of streaming.


Ice Poseidon announces streaming return through IG story

In an easy-to-miss announcement, Ice Poseidon quietly shared his proposed return to the world of streaming. He shared the news through an Instagram story uploaded on Aug. 17. In his words, "Yo, I'm gonna start making stories on Instagram to show you guys what I've been up to before I come back to streaming. Which, by the way, I'm coming back to streaming. Reply to my story, let me know how you've been. It's been awhile."


That was the beginning and end of Ice Poseidon's update, leaving more questions than answers regarding topics like where he'll stream, when he'll be returning, and what the focus of his content will be. The only information fans have is that Ice Poseidon should begin his return to streaming soon.

All eyes are on Ice Poseidon's social media to see if he offers further insight into his next steps. So far, other than the story, his Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are quiet. Only time will tell what comes next in Ice Poseidon's streaming career – until then, his fans and haters alike will have to wait patiently for updates.