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Thirsty Suitors - What We Know So Far

"Thirsty Suitors" follows Jala, a young woman who returns to her hometown after yet another failed relationship. Back in Timber Falls, she must face her parents' disappointment along with the multitude of broken hearts she left in her wake. Convinced everyone hates her and possessing little in the way of identity or goals, Jala has a lot of work to do to get her life on a better path.


Players will face two main ticking clocks as they make their way through "Thirsty Suitors" – attending the wedding of Jala's sister and coming face-to-face with her family's ultra-critical matriarch. While it looks a lot like "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" at first glance, "Thirsty Suitors" focuses on a perspective not often seen in video games. Jala is both queer and a first-generation South Asian woman trying to find her place in the world while repairing her relationship with her exes and family.

If this sounds like the mixture of story and gameplay you've been waiting for, here's what you should know about "Thirsty Suitors."

Does Thirsty Suitors have a release date?

Developer Outerloop Games and publisher Annapurna Interactive revealed "Thirsty Suitors" for PC at the close of 2021. The announcement did not include a release date, instead asserting that the title would arrive at some point in the near future. That situation hasn't changed, though the companies have since shared that "Thirsty Suitors" will also come to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. A demo went live on Steam in July 2022, indicating that the full launch could fall later in the year.


An independent game studio helmed by minorities, Outerloop has set its sights on representation, highlighting cultures and experiences often overlooked in the industry. This focus shines through in "Thirsty Suitors," as well as the developer's previous self-published project, "Falcon Age." Thanks to the partnership with Annapurna Interactive, "Thirsty Suitors" appears larger in scope than its predecessor, which could contribute to a higher price point. "Falcon Age" retails for $19.99; however, pricing and pre-order information has not surfaced for "Thirsty Suitors."

Is there a trailer for Thirsty Suitors?

A trailer accompanied the December 2021 reveal of "Thirsty Suitors." Over about a minute and a half, the collection of scenes highlights the action-adventure's central gameplay systems: turn-based combat, skateboarding, and cooking.


Viewers meet a few key characters, including Jala's mother, father, and aunt. Several shots highlight Jala's fight with Sergio, her third-grade boyfriend and the first ex she encounters upon returning home. Both demonstrate their special moves, including an ability where Jala summons her mother to dish out massive damage.

Jala also skateboards around town, pulling off some tricks. Soundie the Bear, the leader of the local skate punks, makes an appearance, teasing Jala's conflict with the group. The protagonist then puts her cooking prowess on display, flipping and spinning around the kitchen in a bid to impress her mother. The trailer closes with a look at Jala and Sergio concluding their battle, signifying that they've managed to work out their differences.


What is the gameplay like in Thirsty Suitors?

In addition to a demo and trailer, Outerloop provided a Gameplay Overview video to give prospective buyers a better idea of what to expect from "Thirsty Suitors." Much of the title centers on Jala's quest to uncover who she is, a concept refined by the choices she makes day-to-day. Her battles with her exes force her to confront key moments from her past, allowing her to see an alternative perspective on situations she thought she understood. These moments develop the player's Thirstsona.


While in combat, players use Jala's base attack to fill her Willpower meter. Once her Willpower hits the appropriate level, she can perform Taunts to identify her attacker's weak points and make them vulnerable to certain types of Skills. All of these moves incorporate QTE elements – like hitting the right button at the right time or pressing a button repeatedly – that determine their overall effectiveness.

Outerloop kept the skateboarding mechanics fairly straightforward, placing the focus on earning high scores through uninterrupted combos. The Steam page mentions different types of moves, such as grinding and wall running, in addition to challenges. Jala can also battle the cult-like skate punks to learn more about what's going on in Bearfoot Park. The developer has yet to share specifics about how cooking will work in "Thirsty Suitors."