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Bloody Hell Hotel: What We Know So Far

Wlad Marhulets, the creator of "Darq," a surreal puzzle horror, is back with a new team and a new game. Kotaku described "Bloody Hell Hotel" as a cross between typical vampire horror and "Stardew Valley"  — which really says something about how off-the-wall the concept of this game is. Gamers play as a telepathic vampire waking up after a few centuries and discovering their once sprawling mansion is barely standing on its own. 


They decide to spruce it up and turn it into a hotel, mostly to have access to the free blood of guests. With a first-person point of view, players get an up close and personal look at all the action. Summoning a bat to fly to high places, using tools to fix floors, and sneaking up on guests to suck their blood are just some of the actions players can expect. This Tim Burton inspired game certainly looks impressive, at the very least.

Is there a trailer for Bloody Hell Hotel?

The exclusive announcement trailer for "Bloody Hell Hotel" was recently dropped on YouTube by IGN. It's quick, but it shows off a few key elements of gameplay. Gathering resources, repairing and decorating rooms, checking in guests, even cleaning and making food are just some of the things players can expect to do — and it appears they won't have to work alone, as two vampire bellhops show up. The guests all appear to be high-class fancy types, complete with Victorian-era suits and gowns, so making the hotel look presentable is a must. 


Not only that, it appears players will also have to defend their hotel from living skeletons and zombies. The skeletons all have top hats and swords for some reason, and the zombies don't appear to have weapons, which might make them less of a threat. They guard places under the hotel where resources needed to upgrade it are stashed. And then there's the cow — a very deranged-looking cow that can apparently help fight.

When will Bloody Hell Hotel be released?

Currently, there's no set release date for "Bloody Hell Hotel," but according to developer Unfold Games, it will come out "when it's bloody awesome." This might mean the game won't come out this year, but the trailer certainly gives players a lot to look forward to. Considering all the actions available to the player, this game is a real ambitious project. If the final graphics are anything like what was seen in the trailer, it's definitely going to be a visual treat as well. 


As there's going to be inevitable blood splatter, the game has been marked as having mature content, meaning it won't be appropriate for all ages."Bloody Hell Hotel" is aiming to be released on PC through Steam, though there's hope it will make the jump to consoles as well. Both ambitious and intriguing, here's hoping Marhulets' "Bloody Hell Hotel" lives up to all its hype.

What will Bloody Hell Hotel's gameplay be like?

Since the vampire has full control over how they build their hotel, it can look any way they want, but in order to keep the hotel looking livable, they have to work for it. Beyond building the hotel itself, the vampire will have to farm for various foods and dungeon crawl for resources. Not to mention earning money from guests to buy everything else. They will be working on their own for a while, though there are ways to automate different parts of the hotel. Consume blood to hire other employees and ease the burden of running the place.


If the meat runs out, dead guests are also an option. As for fending off the skeletons and zombies, the vampire will need more than their vampiric skills; they'll need weapons. Different kinds of weapons can be made in the blacksmith area, such as swords. Weapons combined with unlockable combat skills will make fighting the other monsters a lot easier. Though melee, the combat is more casual than intense, described by Marhulets as "exploring caves in Stardew Valley, but in a twisted Tim Burton-like 3D world.