Ludwig Slams Police Following Frightening Swatting Incident

Streaming ain't a half bad profession to get into if you have the brain for it. However, as the medium and personalities within it have gotten more and more popular over the years, it's also become quite dangerous. Because some streamers are highly public figures and are constantly in the public eye, it becomes easier for viewers with nefarious intentions to discover their public information. This has led to many incidents, the most egregious of which is swatting. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, swatting is a dangerous "prank" in which a viewer watching someone stream will call the police and say there is an emergency at a streamer's residence. Due to the gravity of the perceived threat, police will typically respond fervently to ensure everything is okay. Popular YouTube streamer Ludwig was recently a victim of this.


During his stream on August 28 in which he was playing a chess tournament, Ludwig was unexpectedly swatted and had his residence raided by local authorities. The entire ordeal lasted for about an hour before Ludwig and other residents in his home were cleared of all charges. However, in the aftermath of this crazy situation, Ludwig has slammed the police response to the situation.

Ludwig criticizes Los Angeles PD for lack of communication

In a video detailing his most recent swatting experience, Ludwig confirmed that he and everyone in his house were unharmed during the unexpected police raid on his home, which supposedly lasted about an hour. He did, however, have some harsh words for the local police due to their response. "I do have to quickly talk about the ineptitude of the police departments in Los Angeles," Ludwig said. The 27-year-old YouTube streamer then detailed that after someone has already been the victim of an obvious swatting, the police department will take the phone number of the victim so that it may contact them should something similar happen in the future. According to Ludwig, however, he's never been called during these incidents.


"Every time [the police] come, I get a little more annoyed," Ludwig continued. Even worse, according to his account, responding police have offered Ludwig nothing but the suggestion of him choosing a different career. "And I'm like, 'that cannot be the solution.' Certainly not. There has to be a middle ground between here and there, but I realize today where the disconnect lies." Ludwig would go on to explain that the issue is the relaying of information from 911 operators to first responders.

According to, Ludwig has been swatted multiple times within the past year.