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Gothic 1 Remake: What We Know So Far

The original "Gothic" from Piranha Bytes was released in March of 2001 and was one of the biggest RPGs of its time. With over 100 hours of gameplay (via Steam), not to mention a giant selection of weapons and spells, "Gothic" was like a much darker "Dungeons & Dragons." This fantasy RPG takes place in the kingdom of Myrtana, where a war between the humans and Orcs is raging. Whoever breaks the law of the land gets sent to penal colony Khorinis to mine for ore.


With the colony surrounded by a magical barrier, prisoners go in, but they can't go out. Because of this, prisoners eventually revolted, and the colony was divided into three factions. This is where the nameless hero starts their journey. The "Gothic" remake will have the same story, just with better graphics and a modernized combat system (via TheLoadout), and with updated graphics and gameplay comes a whole new gaming experience.

Does the Gothic 1 Remake have a trailer?

The remake's showcase trailer was posted on YouTube by gaming console giant PlayStation, showing the massive expanse of the titular mine. Prisoners chipping away at the walls, carrying heavy stones on their backs, and being carefully watched by guards adds to the grim atmosphere. Since it's just the first trailer, there's not much in terms of story, but there were some scares towards the end.


Two prisoners are exploring deep into the mine when they're suddenly attacked. Two giant spiders emerge from the shadows and eat one of the men, then proceed to follow the other trying to run away. There's a good chance the nameless hero will have to face monsters like those and many others on his quest to freedom. Though the "Gothic" remake doesn't have a release date yet, it will be coming to Steam and possibly other consoles in the near future. Old and new fans are sure to enjoy it.

What will Gothic 1's gameplay be like?

Building on the original gameplay, the "Gothic" remake is modernizing it. THQ Nordic, the remake's new publisher, said that the game will be faithful to the original (via TheLoadout) in addition to getting a face-lift in graphics. There hasn't been a lot of gameplay shown yet, but if it's anything like the original, combat and such will have a familiar look and feel. Since players will have to face both humans and monsters, they will need a varied skillset. Physical weapons and magic will be key to player survival. When in combat, health bars will appear above the player and who they're fighting. 


As with most fighting games, when a health bar runs out, the player or their enemy will die. There might be options to use special moves in addition to the regular ones, resulting in heaver damage dealt. Healing items could also be available to restore health bars after battle, and they could be any number of things. Beyond fighting, players can search the land around them for food items as well. Berries and other wildlife can also help keep players alive as they travel. Hopefully a gameplay trailer will reveal more.