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Gotham Knights Skill Trees Explained

"Gotham Knights" is a highly-anticipated multiplayer RPG that features some of DC's most iconic characters. With Tim Drake as Robin, Dick Grayson as Nightwing, Jason Todd as Red Hood, and Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, the villains of Gotham will be running scared. As the story goes, Batman and Jim Gordon are dead, and their rogues gallery has practically taken over the city. The Bat Family has to hit the streets and bring peace to the chaos.


Armed with their own skills and weapons, they'll have to defeat the likes of Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, Clayface and more to take back their home. Gamers can play by themselves or with another friend and pick which character they want to play as. Have them explore five unique boroughs and stop any and all crime in its tracks. See what kind of mysteries Gotham has to offer and bring them out of the shadows.

How To Grow Skill Trees

Each character has their own kind of skill tree that helps them improve their fighting abilities. They get points after gaining XP and leveling up. There's a lot of room for experimentation, so players can have the Bat Family focus on one skill or more. For example, Nightwing can focus more on his acrobatics or provide buffs when playing co-op. Robin can become stealthier or improve his tech skills, while Batgirl can be an expert in melee combat or hacking.


There was more of an in-depth look provided for Red Hood's skill trees, courtesy of IGN and some of the "Gotham Knights" developers. He has three different trees: Marksman, Brawler, and Vengeance. The first focuses on long distance damage, the second melee combat, and the third utilizes his immense rage. He may not be a killer anymore, but that doesn't mean he's lacking in brutality. As the largest character, he uses intimidation to his advantage.

Receiving Knighthood

A fourth skill tree, called Knighthood, can be unlocked for everyone after completing various Knighthood challenges. This tree basically represents a moment of realization for the characters, when they become their own Dark Knight. Geoff Ellenor, the game's director, gives an example of what happens: "It unlocks your ultimate ability – for Batgirl, that's the drone..." (via IGN). This basically means she can glide around the city. Grappling places is fun and all, but gliding is the next best thing to flying.


Knighthood even lets players add more powerful mechanics to the heroes that weren't available before. Beyond the skill trees are Momentum Abilities. They're special attacks that can have specific button combos and are connected with the skill trees. For example, a Momentum Ability of Batgirl is beat down, and it can be powered by abilities in her skill trees. These abilities can be earned through completing challenges around the game world.