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Forza Horizon 5: How To Beat The Double Dragons Mission

"Forza Horizon 5" is Microsoft's open-world racing game. The base game was critically acclaimed, although it had a few issues, like the game's auto censor banning people's real names. Now, "Forza Horizon 5" has its first major expansion in the form of the "Hot Wheels" DLC. This DLC has you participate in the "Hot Wheels" Academy, completing challenges to move up in car class and rank. One of those challenges is the Double Dragons mission, which can be a little difficult to complete.


Unlike some of the other challenges, the Double Dragons mission can't be easily marked on the map, as you need to find the two dragons yourself. According to GameRant, the Double Dragons mission requires players to drive from the dragon on top of Hammer Mountain in the canyon to the Dragon at the foot of the volcano within four minutes, all in an S1 class car. Here's how to complete the Double Dragons mission in the "Forza Horizon 5" "Hot Wheels" expansion.

Set your own waypoint to in between the two dragons

According to GameRant, after selecting your preferred S1 class car, you need to head over to Hammer Mountain. Pull up the map and look to the eastern part to find the canyon area. The words Hammer Mountain are written on the map and the green section just beneath the words are where the dragon is located. Head to this spot and pull up the map the moment the countdown timer starts. This will pause the clock.


The second dragon is located at the base of the volcano, in the ice area in the bottom left of the map. Looking at the map, head to the upper part of this area and look for the words Magma Canyon. The dragon is located above the words in the center of a circular section of track. If you place a custom pin here, the game will lay out a route from you, taking the outside southern path to the other dragon. Four minutes is more than enough time to reach this area in an S1 class car.