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The Last Of Us Part 1: Where To Find The Comic Books In Tommy's Dam

Where would Ellie be without her trusty comics? Probably still in a zombie apocalypse, but at least with some sci-fi reading to pass the time, she's entertained despite her dire circumstances.

The critics are all saying the same thing about the recently released "The Last of Us Part 1" remake, which kept just about everything fans loved from the original title – including Ellie's comics – plus some new features. Polished with fresh visuals, sounds, and new gameplay modes like Permadeath and Speedrunning, "The Last of Us Part 1" gives fans a chance to play through Ellie and Joel's dark and emotional adventure as if for the first time again.

For those not taking advantage of the new Speedrunning mode or otherwise trying to beat the game as quickly as possible, taking time to explore the rich landscape of "The Last of Us Part 1" in all of its remade glory is well worth the extra few hours. In fact, going at a leisurely pace makes finding various in-game collectables a fun side quest. Some of the best collectables are Ellie's comics, thanks to their charming fantasy content and the fact that they allow players to earn points towards skin upgrades. With 14 total comics available in the series all scattered across various chapters of the game, it'll take a little sleuthing to complete the collection (via GamesRadar+). Here's how to find the comics located in Tommy's Dam in "The Last of Us Part 1."

Find Ellie's comics outdoors and indoors in Tommy's Dam

Players can expect to find two of Ellie's 14 comics in Tommy's Dam, the wilderness-heavy seventh chapter of "The Last of Us Part 1." Both the Foreign Element and Zero Point comics are available (via GamesRadar+). Fortunately, the comics proceed in chronological order as they're found.

Finding the Foreign Element comic is something players need to do as soon as the chapter opens. Players traverse beneath a bridge, following a descending slope and hugging the right side. Near the end of the bridge, they'll take a right turn to find an upside-down car that's been reclaimed by the forest. In front of the mossy mess is the comic – players won't be able to miss it.

As for the Zero Point comic, it's even easier to find. Once players are into the chapter enough to reach the ranch house, they'll want to take the chance to explore the upstairs bedroom to the left-hand side. Right on the windowsill is the comic – naturally in the perfect reading spot. Most players should have a breezy time locating the comics hidden in Tommy's Dam with these pointers. All that's left is navigating a full-fledged zombie apocalypse.