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The One Near-Perfect Nintendo Wii U Game, According To Metacritic

Nintendo's Wii U was a flop. Between subpar hardware and mediocre software, the system's technology just couldn't live up to expectations when it was released. Despite the lack of third-party titles, plenty of great first-party titles and hidden gems on the Wii U helped make up for the hybrid console's faults. In fact, one game for the Wii U ranks high above the rest.


While some Wii U titles like the "Bayonetta" series, "Super Mario 3D World," and "Mario Kart 8" proved so iconic they'd eventually see a release on Nintendo's Switch, they were outdone by another. Of course, an arbitrary number only goes so far when discussing a game's quality, and over the years, there have been plenty of games that never received a proper review score. That said, out of all the Wii U games scored on the review aggregate website Metacritic, there's only one that holds a near-perfect score.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild touches perfection

"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" for the Wii U received a 96 critic score on Metacritic, — just four points shy of numerical perfection. That said, considering Metacritic averages multiple critic reviews into a single score, several reviews did give the game a perfect score. Some have even alleged that "Breath of the Wild" is the best open-world game ever, so it's understandable why the game was rated so high.


Fans fell in love with the title's open nature and how much there was to do in a "Zelda" game. Reddit user MovementAndMeasure explained that the game was also released at the perfect time, giving frustrated fans a finished title that Nintendo didn't load with microtransactions or costly DLC. Critics like Lex Firth pointed out that "Breath of the Wild" felt ground-breaking in many regards but never forgot its place as a "Zelda" story.

While reigning as the highest-rated game on Metacritic, the game was also released for Nintendo's Switch, where it holds an equally impressive critic score of 97.