Ashley Bubp

Oklahoma City, OK
Florida International University, NYU's School Of Continuing And Professional Studies
TV, TTRPGs, Movies
  • Ashley started writing about the gaming and entertainment industry in 2013 when she was an active featured content contributor at
  • Ashley has two short stories published in the 'Chimeraverse Short Story Collection' for popular indie comic 'Incident Report.'
  • Ashley has her finger on the pulse of the ever-expanding TTRPG entertainment scene on Twitch and YouTube.


Ashley has been enamored with TV and movies since she was a kid and fell in love with creative writing in middle school. In addition to working as a professional freelance copywriter for the last 10 years, Ashley has decided to spice things up and get back into the entertainment news business as a news contributor for websites like Collider and Looper.


Ashley has a bachelor of arts in International Relations from FIU and also worked at the FIU Southeastern Environmental Research Center (SERC) exploring and co-authoring scientific research with regard to ecological changes in the Florida Everglades. Shortly after graduating FIU, she went on to pursue graduate level coursework at NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies.
Stories By Ashley Bubp