Benjamin Falbo

Photo of Benjamin Falbo
Astoria, NY
Queens College
The Halloween Franchise, DC Comics, Chainsaw Man
  • Ben works as a Post Production Producer for Independent Wrestling company Catalyst Wrestling, handling key visuals and copywriting.
  • He wrote and directed The Rise & Fall of Blackcraft Wrestling for his YouTube channel, which is currently sitting at over 50K views.
  • Ben has covered the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City for his college newspaper.


Benjamin Falbo has been writing since his late teens, mainly about the subjects that interest him most, such as cinema and comic books. Inspired by the likes of Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel, Ben sought a job as a film critic for his college’s newspaper. This early experience instilled in him a good understanding of persuasive yet entertaining writing, be it creative or critical. He’s been writing under the Static Media banner since 2021 and has written several key pieces regarding everything from niche television shows to big budget Hollywood blockbusters.


Ben’s time earning a Bachelor’s Degree at Queens College taught him the importance of time management and finding his own voice through design and writing, either for his school paper or through class assignments.
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