Claire Mulkerin

Tucson, AZ
University Of Arizona
Movies, TV, Comics, And Video Games
  • Claire Mukerin is an experienced podcaster, a regular contributor to the pop culture debate podcast "Smash Fiction," the tabletop roleplaying podcast "MegaDumbCast," and the comedy fiction podcast "Garden Plots With Skeletor."
  • She also works as a graphic designer and illustrator in Tucson. She's done work designing flyers and merchandise for various bands in the Tucson music scene, and she designed the logos for numerous podcasts such as "The Gameable Podcast" and "The NXT Wrestling Fan."
  • She's also a game designer, having worked on the tabletop roleplaying game "Transatlantis," the fantasy combat card game "Kobble," and the indie horror video game "Apolysis."


Although Claire Mulkerin started making her living as a freelance writer in 2019, her heart truly lies in the weird and eclectic Tucson art and illustration scene. A jack of all trades, she's collaborated on countless projects, and done just about every role you can imagine: she helped produce the independent short film "Hotel Arizona," her comics work was featured science fiction anthology comic book "New Nebula," and she even worked as a writer and game designer on the independent horror video game "Apolysis." If that's not enough, she's also a podcaster, having spent five years as one of the panelists on the pop culture debate podcast "Smash Fiction." Nowadays, she's still a frequent contributor to numerous tabletop roleplaying and fiction podcasts such as "MegaDumbCast" and "Garden Plots With Skeletor." Nowadays, when she isn't writing for Looper, or making strange art in the middle of the desert, she plays roller derby as part of the "Renegade Rollergirls of Tucson," where she skates under the alias "F. Mary Kill."


Claire Mulkerin attended the University of Arizona, where she studied art, art history, and writing, and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication, with a focus in illustration.
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