Erich B. Anderson

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Chicago, Illinois
Northern Illinois University
Creature Feature Horror Films, The Lord Of The Rings, Historical Films And TV Shows
  • Erich has been a massive fan of horror, fantasy, and sci-fi his entire life, which has led him to watch and read several hundred films, TV shows, and novels in those genres.
  • As an aspiring fiction writer, he self-published his first horror novella, "Pan's Pizza," in 2013, and has been gradually world-building for an epic series of seven fantasy novels for over a decade.
  • In 2016, his book, "Cataphracts: Knights of the Ancient Eastern Empires," was published in the U.K. by Pen & Sword Books.


Erich has worked as a professional writer for over 10 years with experience in both journalism and copywriting. Although many of the publications he has written for have been history focused, he has been an avid fan of horror, fantasy, and sci-fi for as long as he can remember. His deep fascination with genre fiction and media later came in handy as inspiration for when he wrote advertising copy for an agency that specializes in haunted attractions throughout the U.S. Since 2022, he has been a full-time features writer for both Looper and Grunge.


Erich has a bachelor's degree in history and anthropology from Northern Illinois University.

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