Johnny Reynolds

Wilmington, NC
The University Of North Carolina At Wilmington
Video Games, Entertainment, Comics
  • Johnny has been writing about video professionally since 2017, when he got his first freelancing gig, though he has been playing them since he was old enough to hold a controller.
  • Johnny got his Bachelor's Degree in Film Studies with a focus on Critical Studies and minored in Creative Writing.
  • Johnny has covered video games for professional websites in a variety of ways, including reviews, news, and features.


Johnny has been writing about various forms of entertainment since 2017, when he began freelancing for WatchMojo. Over the years, he has progressed in his skills as a writer there. He has helped the company's video game channel, MojoPlays, grow through lists and essays and has recently begun doing VO for the channel. He has written features for several Valnet, Inc.-owned sites in the past, such as TheGamer and CBR. He also wrote news and reviews for TheNerdStash, an independent site, as well as co-hosted the site's two podcasts.


Johnny received his Bachelor's Degree in Film Studies from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2013. He focused on Critical Studies rather than production, studying and writing papers on various types of filmmaking. He also minored in Creative Writing.
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