Sorrel Kerr-Jung

Cleveland, Ohio
Ohio University
Video Games, Virtual Reality, Technology
  • Sorrel has been writing for as long as she's been able to construct sentences.
  • She's a lifelong gamer, with passion and enthusiasm for the craft.
  • She's always had a fascination with the inner (and outer) workings of video games.


Sorrel has been compelled by stories for as long as she can remember. Having written for school papers since middle school, she started the first gaming-focused opinion column at The Post, an Athens, Ohio newspaper, in 2021. While voicing her own bold, often unconventional opinion is a source of joy, she also has a passion for reporting facts. Sorrel also writes news and gaming features for CBR.


Sorrel is currently pursuing a degree in Virtual Reality Game Development at Ohio University.
Stories By Sorrel Kerr-Jung