Michileen Martin

Photo of Michileen Martin
Watervliet, NY
SUNY College At Albany
Movies, TV, Comics
  • Michileen is a features writer for Looper.
  • Along with Looper, he currently writes for Digital Trends and has previously written about comics books, TV, movies, and video games for PopMatters, Popdose, Comic Book Galaxy, Trouble With Comics, and nerdbastards.com.
  • He left New York State's civil service to write full time in 2019 and hasn't looked back since—except for a couple of times, when he thought it likely he'd be eaten by a grue.


Michileen Martin has written about comics in general, and pop culture in particular, for two decades. He's written for Digital Trends, PopMatters, Popdose, Comic Book Galaxy, Trouble With Comics, and nerdbastards.com. He probably knows more about the Incredible Hulk than you.


Michileen Martin earned his bachelor's degree in English from SUNY at Albany, minoring in journalism. He graduated from the school's English honors program with completion of his undergraduate thesis "I Watched Krypton Die, and So Did You: How Marvel Comics Reacted to 9/11 by Trying to Make Us Heroes, and Make Its Heroes Us."

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