Nicholas Yanes

University Of Iowa
Florida State University
Florida Atlantic University
Entertainment Industries; Specifically Comics, Video Games, Films And Movies
  • Nicholas Yanes, Ph.D. examines entertainment industries as an academic, journalist, and corporate consultant. His dissertation explored the business history of EC Comics and Mad Magazine, and is currently in book development.
  • His first book, The Iconic Obama, analyzed the relationship between President Obama’s 2008 campaign and popular media. His second book, Hannibal for Dinner, is an academic love letter to America's favorite cannibal, celebrating the multiple ways that NBC's Hannibal touched upon food culture, fandom, artistic achievements, and the ongoing fascination with serial killers.
  • As a freelance writer he has contributed to CNBCPrime, Casual Connect, GameSauce, Sequart, MGM’s Stargate Command, ScifiPulse, and conducts research for various companies.


His Ph.D. just means he spends too much time writing snarky things about entertainment and culture.
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