Rick Stevenson

Brooklyn, NY
College Of William & Mary
Movies, TV, Games
  • Rick is a features writer for Looper covering all aspects of the entertainment industry.
  • He has written about film, TV, games, sports, and more for over five years.
  • His work has appeared in a number of digital publications, including Screen Rant, The Odyssey, and Fadeaway World.


Rick began writing about film and TV as a contributor to The Odyssey and various blogs in 2016. He later became a senior writer for Screen Rant, where he wrote news and feature articles about new releases, classic franchises, industry trends, streaming, and more. He's also an avid NBA fan and has previously covered the league professionally for Fadeaway World. He joined Looper as an entertainment features writer in 2021.


Rick studied English and theater at the College of William & Mary, receiving his BA in 2019. He is also an associate of Oxford University's Hertford College and a graduate of the Colombia Publishing Course.
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