Sergio Pereira

Johannesburg, South Africa
University Of The Witwatersrand
Movies, TV, Comics
  • Sergio is a highly experienced journalist in the entertainment field, having had skin in the game for 15 years.
  • Throughout this time, he has dealt with key players in the industry and had his work featured in the largest publications in the world.
  • He's also a successful author, screenwriter, and award-winning copywriter.


For 15 years, Sergio has had numerous pieces published about film, TV, comics and music. Having written for the likes of Screen Rant, CBR, IGN, SYFY Wire, and Rolling Stone, his work has reached a diverse and highly engaged audience. In addition, he is the host of a successful entertainment podcast, co-wrote the South African film The Lifesaver, and published his debut novel, The Not-So-Grim Reaper.


Sergio's B.A. in Media Studies assists him in being able to critically analyze and dissect media that he encounters. Moreover, his course in Film, Visual and Performance Arts helps him see art through a different and passionate lens.
Stories By Sergio Pereira