Sergio Solorzano

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Los Angeles, CA
The New School
Pokémon, Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons
  • Sergio was a top finalist in the Dungeons & Dragons DM Challenge, proving his firsthand experience with the nuts and bolts of game design.
  • Famed magician Uri Geller gave his blessing to the Pokémon Kadabra after years of contention in an interview with Sergio.
  • As a field reporter with years of experience, Sergio has covered everything from convention announcements to exclusive previews, to GameStop's makeover as a tabletop/esports lounge.


When his dad brought home an NES, toddler Sergio saw how gaming opened up new worlds. Years later, when he cracked open his first Nintendo Power magazine, Sergio saw how writing about games could bring people's worlds together. He absorbed all he could about games and writing in the hopes that one day his stories could affect readers in the same way. One degree, several years as a professional D&D Dungeon Master, and time as Lead News Editor at TheGamer later, Sergio now brings his stories to SVG. He hopes that his words can reveal new worlds and ideas just like how he was inspired so many years ago.


With a multimedia writing education at The New School, Sergio gained a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts specializing in journalism. He then joined TheGamer, where he went from lists to building up the news arm until he was given a lead editor position.

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