Stephen Wilds

Middle Georgia State University
Video Games, Television, Movies, Comics, Wrestling
  • Stephen watches 14 to 16 hours of wrestling a week.
  • Stephen reads a ton of comics, mostly those people forget existed and he has a love of tertiary characters.
  • Stephen watches bad movies over good ones any chance he gets. He's analyzed the 1995 Mortal Kombat film more than is healthy.


Stephen has been writing for nearly a decade after leaving the world of fiction behind. He has had many articles discussing video games, comics, movies, and more posted at places like Playboy, Paste, PC Gamer, EGMNow, and Polygon. He has been featured in a handful of books and print magazines, but is always looking to do more.


Stephen's degree in English prepared him for breaking down and analyzing story elements and character developments, and left him with an appreciation for the over-dramatic. He also has earned Associate degrees in Art and Education.
Stories By Stephen Wilds