Sydney Baum Haines

Photo of Sydney Baum Haines
Los Angeles, CA
University Of Minnesota
Movies, TV, Dungeons & Dragons
  • Sydney is a news writer for Looper, often covering Marvel, The Boys, and animation.
  • She's previously written for the website Science 101 and the print publication The Minnesota Daily.
  • At Science 101, she wrote the company’s top-performing article, reaching 20 million views.


Sydney has been a working writer for three years, but has been an avid fan of all things nerdy since her first Saturday morning cartoons. She interned as a news reporter for the newspaper The Minnesota Daily and honed her digital media voice when writing full time for the website Science 101. Armed with countless hours spent watching Marvel movies and a surprisingly diverse array of TV shows, she started writing news stories for Looper in 2020. Her widespread interests mean she's just as likely to watch a reality series, anime, or a prestige drama.


Sydney has a B.S. in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior and Minors in Cinema and Media Culture Studies and Marine Biology from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.
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