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Call Of Duty Ghosts 2: Will We Ever See A Sequel?
"Call of Duty: Ghosts" introduced new modes, mechanics, features, and ideas to the franchise, including its Extinction mode and taking control of non-human characters, and ended on a cliffhanger that begs for a resolution. Fans have wondered if they'll ever get a sequel; while there has been no official word from Activision, the outlook seems grim.
“Ghosts” consistently ranked at the bottom of the series and is sometimes listed as one of the biggest "Call of Duty" fails ever. The campaign's story didn't capture gamers, and the competitive multiplayer didn't do enough to make the experience feel fresh. GameRant has speculated that these issues led to Activision scrapping any plans for a sequel.
The scrutiny of “Ghosts” has been echoed by Reddit users, and the general consensus is that fans are unlikely to see a sequel. Since the release of "Ghosts," the "Call of Duty" franchise has gotten three more entries in the "Black Ops" line, a reboot and sequel to the "Modern Warfare" series, and several other standalone games.