Vanilla Ice in the recording studio in Crime Boss: Rockay City
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Crime Boss: Rockay City Isn’t The GTA Knock-Off Fans Expected
Despite expectations, fans are learning that “Crime Boss: Rockay City” is little like “Grand Theft Auto,” finding instead that it’s more like the multiplayer franchise “Payday.”
In “Crime Boss,” players will hire a crew to perform heists and sell illicitly obtained goods, and engage in turf wars with rival crime bosses in order to expand their territory.
Some missions involve quietly infiltrating secure areas in order to perform these heists, while other areas will give players little or no choice when it comes to violence.
“Crime Boss” has a lowly score of 49 on Metacritic and a 3.9-star rating on the Epic Games store. SVG's review noted that, “Fragments of stories [...] are never fully established.”
Fans’ disappointment may be unwarranted since Ingame Studios never made any claims that the game would be an open world RPG. The studio clearly had its own vision for the game.