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Diablo Immortal is Somehow Worse Than Fans Thought it Would Be
Although Blizzard had promised back in 2018 that players of “Diablo Immortal” would be able to earn any item in the game on their own merits, the title’s official release in 2022 has proven otherwise. In fact, the game features microtransactions so prominently that it won't be released in some regions that have strict laws against loot boxes, which are somewhat tied to gambling.
To fully level up their character in "Diablo Immortal," players have to shell out real-world dollars to such an extent that Matt and Michael of Bellular Gaming deemed the game "monetized in a predatory, disgusting manner." The duo said “Diablo Immortal” provides an opportunity to spend money at every turn in the game.
Even more egregious than the frequency of the microtransactions is the fact that players basically can't fully level up their character without spending money. To max a character, players have to find and use Legendary Gems, but if they’re unwilling to spend money, then they probably won’t even encounter these gems.
According to one Redditor, it costs about $45,000 to fully max out one stat in "Diablo Immortal," so by this metric it would theoretically cost over $100K to max out a character. A few fans have simply begun calling the game "Diablo Immoral" to express their dislike of the microtransaction system.
Some critics have pointed out the pay-to-win aspect of “Diablo Immortal” doesn’t begin until midway through the game, with Forbes' Paul Tassi explaining that the early stages are fun and easy to play, but that leveling slows to a halt once players reach level 30 or so. Ultimately, "Diablo Immortal" has turned out even worse than gamers’ already low expectations.