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Early reactions to Modern Warfare 2's campaign are mostly saying the same thing
The 2009 predecessor of the upcoming "Modern Warfare 2" was highly regarded in the first-person shooter genre and pioneered the modern shooter with its own controversial campaign and robust multiplayer. Now the reviews are in for the new "Modern Warfare 2" and most critics agree about how it compares to the original, although there is a dissenting opinion.
Josh West of GamesRadar enjoyed its story, saying, "[The] campaign is a riot from its impressive opening act to its explosive finale," and GameSpot’s S.E. Doster opined that it compares favorably to the original, submitting, "'Modern Warfare 2' is a strong successor." Doster and West also praised the game’s increased difficulty, and Press Start's Brodie Gibbons commended the game's writing.
Unfortunately, not all reviews seemed to love the campaign. Matt Purslow of IGN feels that the original "Modern Warfare 2" remains superior and that the reboot “is an unfortunate misfire” and blames “a lackluster story, fumbled mechanical innovations, and largely underwhelming mission design.” Players will be able to decide for themselves when “Modern Warfare 2” is released on October 28, 2022.