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Elden Ring Actor Hilariously Responds To Thirsty Fans
There is a massive part of the fanbase that loves fantasizing and creating fan content about the different characters in "Elden Ring" and the real champion of the people is Blaidd. The wolf-man himself is the subject of some real internet thirst, so much so that Buzzfeed got the voice actor for Blaidd, Scott Arthur, to read some tweets about the character.
The very first tweet Arthur read set the tone quickly, reading, "Let me go talk to my wolf boyfriend. Because honest to god, with that voice, even I would F*** him," to which Arthur just responded, "thank you very much." Another comment referred to Blaidd as "thicc" which caused Arthur to point out that he is not responsible for the physical appearance of the character — the team at FromSoftware is — but he is happy to take any compliments thrown his way.
The video continues on with many, many more incredibly lewd tweets about Blaidd the wolf-man and how the community would really like to get down and dirty with him. While the overwhelming thirst might put some people off, Arthur seemed to really enjoy reading the tweets, although there was one he refused to read.