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Elden Ring Cutscene Change Sparks Player Debate
With the latest “Elden Ring” update, via patch 1.04, players are confused as to why Morgott’s cutscene got changed. In the original version he says "Pillagers. Embolden by the flame of ambition," while he crushes his walking stick to reveal his blade that grows orange in a fiery way, but now in patch 1.04 there is no fire, even though the rest of the elements are the same.
Fans discussed the change in a Reddit post, with some complaining that it took away from the grandeur of the pre-boss fight cutscene, while others theorized about the lore reasons for why it might have happened. One user jokingly wrote, “Oh come on, you can't have him say ‘flame of ambition’ and then take away his flames.”
The person who posted the video speculated that the flames weren’t supposed to be there in the first place, as it might not make sense for Morgott’s character. Regardless of the exact reason why FromSoftware made this change — or any change — to “Elden Ring,” fans are going to pore over every detail, theorizing along the way.