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Games You Didn't Know Take Place in the Same Universe
By SVG Staff
RDR/LA Noire
Rockstar Games’ neo-noir action-adventure “LA Noire” features several clues linking this title with Rockstar’s Western game, “Red Dead Redemption.” In the “The Silk Stocking Murder” case in “LA Noire,” players can find John Marston’s iconic hat, and Marston’s image can be found on toast twice at the first crime scene in “The Black Caesar.”
Naughty Dog games
A newspaper headline in “Uncharted 3” reading, “Scientists are still struggling to understand deadly fungus,” seemingly connects this franchise with the company’s then-upcoming title, “The Last of Us.” Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann revealed that the newspaper wasn’t supposed to be in the game, saying, “We just completely forgot about it. We screwed up.”
Gone Home/Bioshock
In “BioShock 2: Minerva’s Den,” players can find and play a fictional game called “Spitfire,” and in “Gone Home,” an updated version of the game, “Super Spitfire,” can be found in Sam’s Room. On closer inspection of the “Super Spitfire” cartridge, it’s revealed that its game publisher is CMP Interactive, named after the protagonist of “Minerva’s Den.”
Hitman/Kane & Lynch
The events of “Kane & Lynch: Dead Men” are referenced twice in newspapers during “Hitman: Blood Money,” where one report recounts the events of the dangerous duo’s escape from a prison transport. Later in “Hitman: Absolution,” both Kane and Lynch can be found in the game, giving players the chance to kill the criminals.
id Software games
In “Commander Keen,” players assume the role of Billy Blaze, the grandson of the “Wolfenstein” protagonist, William J. Blazkowicz. After Blazkowicz defeats and maims the Harbinger of Doom in “Wolfenstein RPG,” the demon swears to torment the Blazkowicz line and appears in the “Doom” series, implying Doomguy is another one of his descendants.