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Gotham Knights: All Four Heroes Ranked Worst to Best
4. Nightwing
While all the characters in “Gotham Nights” are worth checking out, Nightwing fails to be as interesting as the others. His powers and gadgets focus on healing and augmenting teammates’ strengths, which aren’t very useful when playing alone; plus, his ability to ride on a drone is subpar compared to another character with a similar skill.
3. Red Hood
Red Hood may be the best damage dealer of the bunch, but he doesn't have much in the way of powers to make him stand out mechanically — outside of pure combat. With combat being generally considered the weakest part of the game, though, this isn't exactly a selling point for the gun-toting vigilante.
2. Robin
Specializing in stealth and status effects, Robin is ideal for players that want to be able to shake things up from time to time and take down enemies with something other than brute force. The one notable drawback to the character is his unusual traversal mechanic, which involves teleporting with the use of a Justice League satellite.
1. Batgirl
With her hacking skills that allow her to disable cameras, overload enemy weapons, and even take control of turrets, Batgirl is able to approach many situations in ways that the other characters can’t. Coupled with her above average combat, stealth, and traversal abilities, Batgirl is a unique jack of all trades and the best character in “Gotham Knights.”