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Highly Rated Games That Are Actually Terrible
AC: Unity
Ubisoft found itself embroiled in controversy when it launched the glitch-riddled “Assassin’s Creed: Unity” and prevented reviews for 12 hours after the game’s release. While some reviewers gave the game a positive score, with IGN calling it “technologically impressive,” many fans found these bugs to be game-breaking.
DmC: Devil May Cry
“DmC: Devil May Cry,” with its fast-paced action, inventive combat, and stunning graphics, was largely well-received by reviewers, though fans weren’t thrilled by the new take on Dante. Many players were turned off by how “DmC” disparaged the previous entries, as well as its cringe-inducing edginess.
Reviewers promoted “Evolve” as the next big thing, but players soon found themselves bored with the game after several hours and repelled by the expensive DLC, skins, and characters after already paying full price. Despite the glowing reviews, there was little to keep the players engaged without the DLC, and servers shut down three years later.
Pokemon: Let’s Go!
“Pokemon: Let’s Go! – Eevee and Pikachu” delivered a feeling of nostalgia with their quasi-remakes of the beloved “Pokemon Yellow” that charmed many fans and reviewers. But the game faced criticism from some who believed it was too easy with its simple way to catch wild Pokemon without fighting them and its lackluster battles.
GoldenEye 007
IGN praised Rare’s “GoldenEye 007,” calling it “a gem to look at and watch” and “the best single-player first-person game on any system” when it came out back in 1997. While many still have a deep attachment to it, “GoldenEye” had many glitches, subpar level designs, and clunky controls that are easy to see in the modern day.