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Hogwarts Legacy: Golf DLC Was Just An April Fools Joke
Anthony Taormina’s GameRant article, published on April 1, 2023, proclaimed that a golf DLC called the “Clubs and Irons” expansion would be coming to “Hogwarts Legacy.”
The expansion seemed strange to fans since golf wasn't really in the franchise and they had been asking Avalanche Software to add the wizard world’s most popular sport, Quidditch.
The article stated that GameRant's source for the information wished to remain anonymous, while also linking an image of Dobby the house elf with his arms crossed defiantly.
The article also had an image of a witch driving a ball down a smooth, hilly green nestled near the mountains that surround the Hogwarts grounds while a dragon flies overhead.
Taormina wrote, “There will be putting challenges, long drive challenges, and full 18-hole courses in Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the Forbidden Forest.”
Taormina added, “The one major change is using brooms for golf carts and trolls for caddies.” However, this was all part of an April Fools joke by GameRant.
GameRant's joke seems to be that Avalanche Software would bring golf to the franchise before Quidditch. Avalanche has yet to announce plans for Quidditch DLC.