A Microsoft Xbox One home video games console (R) and Xbox One wireless controller, taken on August 16, 2017. (Photo by James Sheppard/Future via Getty Images)
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Is Diablo 4 Coming To Game Pass?
The next installment of Blizzard’s beloved action-RPG franchise, “Diablo 4,” has been a long time coming and is poised to please pretty much every gamer, as the title will be released for PlayStation 4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Considering these console confirmations, fans want to know if “Diablo 4” will also make it to Xbox's Game Pass.
“Diablo” General Manager Rod Fergusson tweeted about the positive response to the “Diablo 4” beta, thanking fans for checking out the game and offering an update on whether or not the title would be coming to Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, Fergusson shared, “We’ve been getting some questions about D4 on Game Pass and I want to let you know we have no plans for that.”
While this news is a bummer for “Diablo” fans in the short term, it doesn't necessarily mean “Diablo 4” is a total no-go for Game Pass — plenty of big games have eventually made their way to Game Pass after spending some time in the spotlight. Fergusson's wording also doesn't indicate that the door is shut forever, just that there are no plans for Game Pass right now.