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Johnny Depp’s Video Game Commercial Has Twitter Divided
Johnny Depp recently starred in a short film to advertise the new mobile MMORPG "Sea of Dawn," where he played a blind, grizzled, retired sailor reminiscent of his most famous role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. Almost unrecognizable under a beard and heavy makeup, Depp spent the entire video misdirecting and conning a bill collector.
Developed by Chinese studio Changyou, “Sea of Dawn” allows players to explore an open world as adventurers and pirates, finding treasure, sailing the high seas, and battling one another. In the trailer's behind the scenes feature, Depp revealed he had a great time coming up with the backstory and personality for his character — but Twitter was divided on his appearance.
Although some critics voiced their opposition to the actor and felt Depp was the guilty party in his trial with Amber Heard, online opinion seemed to lean toward the positive side, celebrating his performance. With fan support, word that he'll soon be returning to films, and the door open for a return to “Pirates of the Caribbean,” things are looking up for Depp at the moment.