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Kanye West’s Bizarre Nintendo Pitch Revealed
Over on Twitter, Twitch Lead Community Producer Zachary Ryan recently shared the story of one of the strangest moments in his video game career. According to Ryan, his day started out normally enough, having traveled to meet Shigeru Miyamoto for an interview in 2016.
When a Nintendo representative asked Ryan if he'd heard Kanye West’s album, "The Life of Pablo," Miyamoto sprang to life and began telling a story about meeting Kanye at E3. Ryan explained, "He said that Kanye had shown up at the Nintendo booth unannounced and asked for an audience with Miyamoto specifically, right then and there."
In 2016, West showed a clip of his potential game, “Only One,” to an underwhelmed audience, and Miyamoto’s description of the game matched what the audience members described. The clip featured an animated version of West's mother flying through the clouds, dressed in white, and riding on a winged horse, eventually growing her own wings and emerging above the clouds.
According to then-Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime, there was too much going on at Nintendo to entertain his request, but he didn't want to completely brush West off. He instead told West that he wouldn't enjoy working with Nintendo because of the company's high standards.