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Most Anticipated PSVR2 Games Ranked
19. Jurassic World
The “Jurassic World Aftermath Collection” is a survival horror game that drops players into an island filled with hungry dinosaurs. The collection contains the full game and an expansion with graphical and performance improvements — and it makes full use of the haptic feedback, rumbling headset, and 3D spatial audio made possible with the PSVR2.
18. NFL Pro Era
For fans of American Football, there isn’t a better way to get more immersed in the fantasy of being a professional quarterback than by playing “NFL Pro Era,” as this game allows players to step onto the field and lead their favorite team to victory. Crowds are thousands strong, and the game processes real-time data to make them shout chants that reflect what’s happening.
17. The Light Brigade
“The Light Brigade” is a historically themed first-person shooter roguelite that takes advantage of randomly generated levels and backgrounds to always keep things fresh for players. The game utilizes a physics-based combat system and features numerous historical weapons for players to find throughout their runs, as well as magical abilities.
16. Hello Neighbor
The newest entry in the series, “Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue” aims to utilize the PSVR2 in order to open up the possibilities for new puzzles and interesting interactions. “Search and Rescue” also allows players to switch between a team of kids working together at any given time, with each one having their own abilities and unique tools.
15. What the Bat?
“What the Bat?” is a slapstick puzzle game that tasks players with stepping into the shoes of a girl who has baseball bats for arms. Players must learn to use these bat arms to do things like brushing their teeth, making toast, painting, and much more in the over 100 levels — all backed by a charming original soundtrack.