Garrador in Resident Evil 4
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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Small Details Only Hardcore Fans Caught
Mendez's Eye
After killing Mendez, players can add the creep's eye to their inventory and take it to the Merchant in exchange for some pesetas to fund future weapon purchases.
Ashley's Reactions
Ashley will pump her fist in the air when Leon lands a headshot on a cultist or shield her eyes from his flashlight, making her more of a well-rounded character.
Ashley's Armor
When Ashley jumps from a great height into Leon’s arms, he’ll set her down easily — unless she’s wearing armor, in which case he’ll have to rub his back afterwards.
Leon's Discipline
Leon’s trigger finger is placed on the side of his firearm — he’s always ready to fire, but he’s also making sure not to accidentally shoot in the wrong direction.
Jet Ski
Pressing the “interact” button on the controller when Leon jumps the jet ski during his race for survival with Ashley will make him flip or spin the vehicle in mid-air.