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Resident Evil’s Most Stressful Mechanic Becomes a Puzzle Game
Surely lots of players took joy in the countless hours spent rotating boxes of ammunition, handguns, and eggs in "Resident Evil 4" and other titles that followed in its inventory-conscious footsteps. Well, fear not, as there's finally a game for people whose favorite part of “Resident Evil” was maximizing their loadout.
Fractal Projects' "Save Room – Organization Puzzle" offers players the joy and frustration of trying to fit items into a small inventory. Though much of the title's design appears to be an homage to the "Resident Evil" series, players won't find any zombies or iconic scary villains, just the maddening act of consolidating an arsenal into a small space.
The game delivers 40 levels, all based around deciding the best way to pack a briefcase. Though it starts players off with the simple task of organizing a couple guns and some ammo, the puzzles become more complicated as larger, heavier weapons are introduced alongside healing and crafting items.