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Roblox Refuses to Negotiate in Major Extortion Case
"Roblox" is one of the most popular games in the world — over 47 million players log on to it daily — and therefore contains a lot of sensitive player information. Now, some of that private information has been taken by hackers and used to leverage threats against Roblox Corporation, but the company has stated it won’t engage with those who would try to extort it.
According to Vice, the hackers began sharing Roblox's information in retaliation for the company's refusal to comply with their extortion demands. The documents contain personal information of some of the biggest creators in the "Roblox" community, including email addresses and information about how much creators are paid by Roblox to promote its content.
It appears that customer data wasn't part of the "Roblox" hack (aside from some sponsored creator information), but it does seem that the hackers used personal threats to obtain internal documents. In Vice's report, a Roblox Corporation spokesperson explained that hackers had used social engineering and personal threats against a specific employee to obtain data.