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Sonic’s Horrifying First Movie Design is Back, But Not Where You’d Expect
When the first trailer was released for the 2020 “Sonic the Hedgehog” film, the design for Sonic quickly became the subject of mockery for many fans. However, after a massive outcry, Paramount Pictures took time to fix the design, and “ugly” Sonic was left in the dustbin of history — until now.
On May 16th, Disney released an in-name-only film adaptation of “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers” on Disney+, which features all kinds of cameos a la “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” To the surprise of many, one of the cameos is from “ugly” Sonic.
There were already reports that Sonic would be making a cameo in the film, but fans are really buzzing now that they know it’s ugly “Sonic,” who is voiced by comedian Tim Robinson. Of course, this appearance was only possible because Paramount produced both films.