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Starfield's Gameplay Has Everyone Saying the Same Thing
First impressions of Bethesda Softworks’ space exploration title “Starfield” — seen at its Xbox Showcase presentation – look promising. A project like “Starfield” could, in theory, provide tons of good press to the developer and publisher as it looks to leave behind the debacle of its last major release, “Fallout 76,” and establish a new era following its purchase by Microsoft.
However, not all of the reactions have been positive, and one particular criticism that has been echoed across social media accuses the game of imitation. Although the gameplay reveal showcases combat, exploration, character customization, and flying ships, the trailer makes "Starfield" look strikingly similar to a similar game based around space travel — “No Man's Sky.”
Over on Twitter, IGN posted a side-by-side comparison of the gameplay loop in both "Starfield" and "No Man's Sky" — and the resemblance is quite uncanny. Predictably, the comparison is also the source of jokes and memes on social media, with one gamer calling “Starfield” the “poor man's 'No Man's Sky.'”
Of course, games being similar to one another isn't anything new and when tackling the space adventure genre, it's gonna be hard to completely reinvent the wheel that “No Man's Sky” built. However, one major difference is that the infinite number of planets in “No Man's Sky” are procedurally generated, while the 1000 planets in “Starfield” were all purposefully built.