Professor Fig in Hogwarts Legacy
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The 4 Strongest Witches & Wizards In Hogwarts Legacy
Matilda Weasley
Once a highly skilled Curse-Breaker, Weasley teaches the difficult subject of Transfiguration and even saves the player with powerful and impressive levitation.
Natsai Onai
Although a student, Natty proves herself in dueling and Defense Against the Dark Arts and is also an Animagus, which gives her a rare ability to turn into a gazelle.
Victor Rookwood
A dark wizard, Rookwood terrorizes Hogsmeade with his lackeys and is capable of inflicting a curse with a permanent and incurable disease that causes constant pain.
Isidora Morganach
Arguably the strongest witch on the list, Morganach wielded Ancient Magic, developed her own healing magic, and fought against three Hogwarts teachers at once.