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The Hogwarts Legacy Quest That's Only Available
On PS5
The biggest advantage to getting “Hogwarts Legacy” on the PS5 is probably an exclusive quest called “The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop” that isn't available on any other console. The quest revolves around the player exploring a mysterious store in Hogsmeade established by a witch named Cassandra Mason and attempting to uncover the various mysteries that lie within.
To begin the quest, players must travel to Hogsmeade to find a house elf named Penny, who suggests that the player should buy her mistress' shop — as well as her own services in running it. Agreeing to talk to her mistress begins the quest “Minding Your Own Business,” which will give players a quest marker that takes them to a small abandoned building behind Honeydukes.
At Honeydukes, Mason will offer to sell her store for the suspiciously low price of 1,500 gold. Once players have purchased the store, they should return to Penny and let her know, then fix up the store, and once that’s finished, Penny will give players access to a chest that conceals a secret passageway to an underground cavern, where wonders (and horrors) await.