Video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto displaying a Nintendo 64 and controller
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The N64 Game That Takes The Shortest Time To Beat
There are a couple of Nintendo 64 games that consistently get brought up on the back pages of internet forums when discussing the shortest game on the console. “Wipeout 64” is a heavy contender due to its puzzling lack of content and the fact that players can speed through the game's challenge mode in a half an hour; however, “Yoshi's Story” is the N64’s shortest game.
“Yoshi's Story” captured the hearts of gamers with its storybook art style, fun gameplay, and cool access to Yoshi's flutter, ground pound, and egg-firing abilities. The game also ditched the traditional level completion mechanics seen in previous “Mario” franchise games, arguably making it the shortest game on the N64, as efficient players can complete the game in an hour.
Players don't need to make it to the end of a level to move on to the next one in “Yoshi's Story”; instead, players collect fruit to raise Yoshi's happiness level, and once the player collects 30 pieces of fruit the level ends. With only six worlds of four levels each, the game caps out at 24 levels. “Yoshi's Story” is also one of the rarest N64 games, making it a great collectible.