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The One Thing Kratos Will Never Say
Christopher Judge has voiced Kratos in “God of War” since the series' semi-reboot in 2018. According to an interview with GQ, Judge has been wholly involved in the role of Kratos in "God of War Ragnarok" and even became an integral part of deciding what dialogue was suitable — and there’s one element of diction that Judge is adamant about Kratos never using.
“God of War” creative and game director Eric Williams revealed, "There's this one thing and you probably don't perceive it but Kratos never uses contractions. Ever." Judge insisted that Kratos should never use contractions. Williams said that, if the actor noticed a contraction in the script, he would be the first to point it out and correct it.
Apparently, once Kratos spoke using contractions, it sapped all of the sternness out of the lines. Williams credited Judge, saying, "He knew Kratos inside out. That's the blessing of Chris." It's always a treat for fans when voice actors take a special interest in their character, and Judge has shown that he cares by ensuring Kratos is depicted correctly.