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The Two Best And Two Worst Indiana Jones Games Ever Made
With 21 “Indiana Jones” video game titles to choose from, fans of the franchise might be wondering which ones to play and which ones to avoid. Combing through the entire catalog and reviewing gamers’ opinions have led to two games in the series that are undeniably the best — and two that are the worst and absolutely not worth players’ time.
“Lego Indiana Jones 2” was panned by critics, who scrutinized its incoherent narrative, with one Reddit user saying it was the worst “Lego” video game due to its restrictive open world, short levels, poor design, and clunky controls. “Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings” also got awful reviews, as A.V Club’s David Wolinksy lambasted it for being poor in every facet.
On the other hand, the original “Lego Indiana Jones” received largely positive reviews on Metacritic, with several critics noting the sheer amount of fun the game has. The best “Indiana Jones” game, though, seems to be "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis," which got rave reviews — one Reddit user described it as “the unofficial 4th Indy movie. It's just that good.”