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The Worst Pickup Lines In Video Games
The Witcher 3
During King Bran's funeral in “The Witcher 3,” legendary witcher Geralt begins flirting with a sorceress named Yennefer. As she stands beside him listening to the eulogy, Geralt tells Yennefer that she smells "wonderful." She initially shrugs off the comment by reminding Geralt that they're at a funeral, and he replies,"You smell wonderful at this funeral.”
Persona 3 Portable
In “Persona 3 Portable,” high school students Junpei and Akihiko and protagonist Makoto head to the beach and try to pick up girls. Akihiko approaches a woman that’s much, much older than him, and she starts hitting on him, saying, "I choose you! You want to go on a vacation to the world of romance with me?"
Mass Effect 3
As part of the “Citadel” DLC for “Mass Effect 3,” Commander Shepard tries to help a turian named Garrus find a date at a bar. It starts off with Garrus fumbling over his words, then he repels a prospective date with this line: "What do you say we blow this joint? I've got this big gun back at my place I'd like to show you."
The Witcher 3 DLC
In the “The Witcher 3” DLC “Hearts of Stone,” the soul of Vlodimir von Everec, while possessing his brother Geralt’s body, accompanies a medic named Shani to a wedding. After failing to woo her, he tries to prove himself by hitting on a woman at the party who asks if she knows him, and he replies, "That's the crux of it — we've not met. I've had to endure half a lifetime without you."
Borderlands 2
Back in 2013, developer Gearbox Software released a promotional short film about Krieg the Psycho, a playable character in “Borderlands 2” whose inner monologue never matches what he says. When he sees a beautiful woman in the film, his internal thoughts beg him to say something romantic, but all that comes out is, "I'm the conductor of the poop train!”